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As an advisory of Capital
Market & Derivative Segment
providing their clients
best-in-class service, whose
function is beyond the simple
execution of buying and

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Zain Financial helps both
retail & corporate investors
to expand their range and
relish the paybacks of
commodity trading.

wealth management
Wealth Management

At Zain Financial, true
wealth management is
concerned with your entire
financial life, from
retirement and college
planning to tax mitigation to
philanthrophy and estate

mutual fund
Mutual Funds

A corporation that pools money from several people and invests it in securities like stocks, bonds, and short-term debt is known as a mutual fund.Mutual fund shares are purchased by investors.


An initial public offering (IPO) is the procedure of releasing fresh shares of stock to the public for the first time in a private firm. A corporation can raise cash by selling shares to investors.


In order to protect oneself from financial loss, one party will guarantee another party reimbursement in the event of a certain loss, damage, or injury in return for a fee.

Customer First

We look to create long-term relationships with clients, based on mutual trust and openness.Our aim is to offer holistic advice, taking in all aspects of your financial affairs to produce a complete picture of how your  money is working for you.

Analysis & Planning

At the next stage, we take a fully considered look at your financial position and present a high-level plan of action for achieving your Ideal Lifestyle.


Implementation is where we work together to bridge the gap between planning and action.

Advanced Technology

Using eMoney, you can organize your financial documents, clearly see your accounts and strategies,store important documents in an online vault, and more.

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Execution Orientation

Zain Financial is committed to delivering high quality results through our experienced team of  professionals driven by ideas.Our people are our biggest assets and we work to excel and exceed the expectations of our clients every time.

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We have nurtured a “One-Team” approach.We offer a culture that is innovative, enabling and thoughtful.Our result oriented and merit based approach encourages and gives our employees enough space to experiment.

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Team Work

Sajid Khan is the Founder and strategic head of Zain Financial.He is in charge of directing corporate strategy and managing key business decisions.With a decade of leadership experience in several organisations, he is crucial to moving things along.

Client Focus at Zain Financial, we make an effort to develop enduring connections with our clients by acting ethically and discreetly. Androit has always put the needs of the consumer first, and we prioritise their needs before our own. We collaborate closely with our clients to give them the sound competence to take advantage of significant and quickly expanding market opportunities.

The highest level of honesty and integrity is upheld by Zain Financial. The capacity to serve our clients by keeping our promises and conducting business in accordance with the highest ethical standards is what we cherish most. In all of our commercial dealings, we firmly uphold confidentiality and openness.